I’m a freelance journalist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker, currently based in Ecuador. I’m obsessed with science, environment and indigenous issues, especially with the complex connection between conservation, economics and politics. I also cover Latin American current affairs, social movements and culture.

I have been published in several titles including The Guardian, Science Magazine, Quartz, and New Scientist.  In addition to writing, I have also researched, reported and produced a 25-min short documentary about Hungary’s far-right youth and directed another 25-min documentary about female scientists in Ecuador for Al Jazeera. I’ve also made short news videos, which have appeared in Quartz and Kecskeméti Television Hungary. I have also researched, reported and produced a 10-min podcast episode on climate change research in the Estonian forests for Undark. I assisted the production of scientific and environmental documentaries as fixer, interpreter, translator and researcher appearing on the BBC, Sky, Al Jazeera and Animal Planet.

I was a finalist for the European Science Writer of the Year 2017, an award organised by the Association of British Science Writers, and therefore also the Hungarian Science Writer of the Year nominated by Tudományos Újságírók Klubja (Club of Hungarian Science Journalists).

I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 Today‘s programme and a guest on BBC World Service’s Outside Source show regarding the Hungarian elections.

I was an Estonian Research Council fellow visiting Estonia in June 2017 to cover environmental research and conservation work.  I was also a Earth Journalism Network Fellow covering the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Colombia in August 2017, and where I stayed for 3 more months researching and covering environment, indigenous people and geopolitics. I was a Murray Fromson Journalism Fellow visiting Israel in March 2018 to cover the technology research in the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

I’m member of the Association of British Science Writers, the Balkan Network of Science Journalists, and the Club of Hungarian Science Journalists.

I hold a Bachelor degree in zoology from Szent István University in Hungary, and Master degree in science journalism from City University in London. Prior to working as a journalist, I was training to be a zoologist-zookeeper specialized in conservation programs.

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